Happy Monday! On Monday’s Kenhtè:ke Midwives will be dedicating our blog posts to dispelling myths about Onkwehón:we Midwifery. Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Yah Tohske Teken/MYTH

“If I have a hospital birth, I was told I can’t have both an Onkwehón:we Midwife and Doctor”.

Tsi Nahoten Tokensketshera/FACT

Yes! You can have BOTH, when you choose Onkwehón:we Midwifery Care!!

There is NO duplication of services when you choose Kenhtè:ke Midwives. What this means is that we accompany you to your prenatal appointments and, also see you in our clinic and, provide prenatal care in the weeks you do not see your family physician or Obstetrician.

We also are with you through your labour & birth and provide postpartum care at home up to 6 weeks.     

Onkwehón:we Midwives are the attending “female relative helpers” that traditionally assisted Indigenous women during birth.

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